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SUPER </3: A Year Of Noble Efforts

An extensive chronicle of a brutal and heart-rending year-long break up.


SUPER </3: A Year Of Noble Efforts

Foreword Essay
Part 1: Proof of Commitment Episode Guide
Part 2: Dangerous Momentum Episode Guide
Part 3: Breaking Up (Again) Episode Guide
Part 4: The Ultimatum Episode Guide
Part 5: John Hughes Halloween Episode Guide
Part 6: Lessons in Futility Episode Guide
Part 7: Giving Thanks Episode Guide
Part 8: Drive Angry Episode Guide
Part 9: Just. Stop. Episode Guide
Part 10: Breaking Point Episode Guide
Part 11: Meltdown Episode Guide
Part 12: Tenuous Hold Episode Guide
Part 13: Veto Power Episode Guide
Part 14: The Laws of Resentment Episode Guide
Part 15: Milestone Episode Guide
Part 16: Dummy. Episode Guide


Season 22 Sneak Preview

Something to tide you over before
we premiere SUPER </3.

Noble Efforts
Season 22


Whatever Doesn’t Kill You, We Can Talk About It Later

“Listen, we need to talk.

I think you have some serious problems.

And I am NOT the solution.”


“Maybe you need to stop being so hopeful.”

“Lately it seems there are no victories – only lesser defeats.”

“Promise me you aren’t going to off yourself tomorrow.”

BFN RETURNS! (aka The Big Rebranding)

Welcome to www.BFNinYourEars.net

We’re still in the midst of updating the site/podcasts, but find your way here from now on for new episodes and interviews. We should be fully up and running by the end of January with plenty of new content, so keep checking back here!