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October 16, 2008 (S18) – Rebound By Love

BFN Networks presents
Noble Efforts
Season 18
October 16, 2008
Rebound By Love
“Listen, Pig: Get. The. Fuck. Out!”

Bob Dubilina
Kyle Ramos


  • Special BFN Opener: The 18 Ultimatum

Song: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack / Dropping Anchor (TSYM Live)

  • “Welcome to Season 18!” Introductions
  • It Pays to Be Co-Host (aka No Money for the Man in Charge)
  • Per Usual, Behind Schedule (aka Illiterate and Unintelligible)
  • Rebuilding Momentum (aka Getting Over Getting Dumped)
  • Revolving Door Regulars (aka Seeking New Season Ticket Holders)

Song: Ike Reilly / I Don’t Want What You Got (Goin’ On)

  • Back on the Bachelor Bike
  • Three Months of Voluntary Celibacy (aka Increasingly Bizarre Porn Discoveries)
    Worst. Booty. Call. EVER:
  • Emotional Scar Show & Tell
  • Late Night Proposition vs. Good Night’s Rest
  • Buck Naked Dealbreaker (aka Please Accessorize the Nudity!)
  • Bloated Buzzkill (aka Kyle’s Questionable Bedroom Activities)
  • Completely. Inappropriate. Passive-Aggressive. Behavior.
  • Attempting to Defuse a Precarious Situation
  • Ousted!
  • Locked Out & Texting
  • The Disgruntled Hero (aka “Let’s Chalk This Up to a Bad Night”)
  • Destined for a Miserable Existence (aka Beyond JoJenniMaeve)

Song: Acceptance / In Too Far

  • Rockstar or __________
  • Late Night with the Au Pairs (aka Two Germans and a Thai)
  • “Wouldn’t It Be Funny If . . . ?”

Song: Kings Of Leon / Ragoo

  • The Awkward Ride Home (aka “Thanks for Being Such Good Sports!”)
    Epic Labor Day Weekend 2008:
  • Tim’s House Party (aka Killing for Kensington)
  • Wicker Park Conga Line
  • Lesbian with a Mean Right Hook
  • Blood Sausage: A (Disgustingly Detailed) Definition
  • Going Home with Strangers (aka Post-Brunch Walk of Shame)
  • Kyle’s Tranny Encounter Segue

Song: Red Wanting Blue / U.S. Bumper Sticker

  • There Will Be Blood Sausage!
  • The Ultra-Ambitious One Night Stand (aka Bob, The Couchsurfer & The OKCupider)

Song: Catsplash / What You Ask For

  • Random Girls on the Radar
  • Specific Guidelines for the Period
  • Raw, Empty and Desperate to Escape
  • Sign-Off: One Night Ain’t Gonna Fix It, It’s BFN Networks!

Song: The Great Crusades / God Gave Me

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