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Army Of Lovers: The Best Songs of 2009 (Free Download!)

Army Of Lovers:
The Best Songs of 2009


Artwork provided by BFN resident artist Jennifer Coughran.

The following links will allow you to download this latest BobbyDobbyD Soundtrack! Everything available for download is in large .zip files; all you have to do is click the link and save to your computer. Once that’s done, open the file, drop the folder inside into your music player of choice and enjoy!

Army Of Lovers – CD 1: Nobody’s Wolf (172MB)
Army Of Lovers – CD 2: Radioman Brings The Juice (173MB)
Army Of Lovers – CD 3: Rumble in Edinburgh (167MB)
Army Of Lovers – CD 4: The Nintendo Renaissance (167MB)
Army Of Lovers – CD 5: Spaceman vs. Birdman (168MB)
Army Of Lovers Artwork (This is for those who DO NOT use iTunes but would still like the artwork. Download this file and then paste the .jpgs into their respective playlist.)

That’s it! Feel free to forward this compilation to your friends and neighbors. Also, while you’re waiting, go ahead and check out our PODCASTS for countless fascinating stories, humorous exploits, exclusive band interviews and live performances! Finally – and most importantly – please remember that if you truly enjoy any of this music, do everything you can to support the artist! Buy the CDs, attend the shows and spread the word. These bands need more than just your appreciation if they’re ever going to make it to your city. They need your money! If their art sounds good to you, give them more reason to keep on making it.

In it for the long con,
JVH (f/k/a BobbyDobbyD) BFN Networks

P.S. For those who want to stroll farther down memory lane:
El Lobo Furioso: The Best Songs of 2008
Windy City Reprise: The Best Songs of 2007
The Ghost of You: The Best Songs of 2006

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