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#001: The Chronicles Of Neko (BFN Rebroadcast)

BFN Networks presents
Secondhand Neon
Season 1
#001: The Chronicles Of Neko

“Keep that shit off my cunt!

Justin Velander Holt (f/k/a Bob Dubilina)
Alyssa Kensington

Special Guest:
Pamela Neko

The following is a special BFN Rebroadcast from our flagship show Noble Efforts.


  • Special BFN Opener: The Trouble with Double Booking

Song: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack / Dropping Anchor

  • The One Thing Too Hot for BFN (“Can’t Stop the Bob Train!”)
  • Introductions with a Woman’s Touch
  • Danger: Surprisegasm!
  • Fish Lovers’ Urban Legends (aka Kensington Chowder)
  • The Many Assumed Kinks of Pamela Neko (aka Fortune 500 Vag)

Song: The Great Crusades / Sex Sells (So I’ll See You In Hell)

  • Vaginal Spelunking (and Far Freakier Things Found in Hentai Porn)
  • The “Convenient” Four-Legged Boyfriend
    AnimeCon Adventures:
  • The New Queen of Cosplay
  • A Recipe for Freak/Geek Debauchery
  • The Star Trek Nerd Within (aka A Brief Synopsis of Koke & Cemen)
  • Not Your Average Convention-Goer
  • Public Bicurious Imposters
  • A Safe Place to Express Yourself
  • Big Plans to Re-Enact The Bodyguard (aka Cosplay Boyfriends)
  • A Desire to Be Objectified
  • Ravaging the Yaois

Song: Bloodhound Gang / The Ballad Of Chasey Lain

  • Don’t Ask to Eat Ass! (Just Do It!)
  • Obsessed with Anal (aka Propositioning at the Backdoor)
  • Only You Can Prevent Anal Escalation!
  • The Best Way to Get Pam’s Ass (& Respect)
    Neko’s Guide to Scoring at Conventions:
  • Beware the Con Funk
  • Establish an Online Hook-Up (aka Reuben Snatchwich)
  • Keep Yourself Available (aka Gung Ho with Two Hands & Three Holes)
  • Be Vocal about Calling Dibs
  • Clear the Room! (aka Empty Bathroom, Free Liquor, Bullhorn)
  • Beware the Lurkers (aka Lurker Lotto)
  • Keep Your Roommates Out (aka Snatch Latch)
  • Or . . . Don’t Fuck at Conventions!

Song: Atmosphere / Shoulda Known

  • The Novelty Factor
  • So Upfront and Open-Minded
  • A Torrid First Love (aka Hot & Heartwarming)
  • The Tao of Swanson (aka The Man with B-A-L-L-S!)
  • The Perfect Blowjob (aka Training Hard for Chad Swanson)
  • Oral Sex Artisan

Song: Paranoid Social Club / Two Girls

  • Pushing Through the Gag
  • Olympic Wet Dream Team (with Snatch Watch Finger Action Bonus!)
  • The Impromptu Late Night Human Urinal (aka Sleepkink Surprise!)

Song: Buckcherry / Crazy Bitch

  • The Most Dangerous Cosplay Outfit
  • Pam: A (New) Definition
  • Fapper (Framed) Photo Finish
  • Neko’s House of Horror Porn
  • Early Dibs for the Next Convention
  • Sign-Off: Playing for Keeps, It’s BFN Networks!

Song: Grand National / Talk Amongst Yourselves

Like to hear more about our hangups, neuroses, heartbreak and debauchery? Check out the rest of our podcasts!

Noble Efforts
The complete and utter moral and emotional downward spiral of Justin Velander Holt.

The Sound Of You & Me
Off-the-cuff band interviews featuring exclusive live performances!
Recently featured: William Topley, Freedy Johnston, Trey Lockerbie, Todd Beeson, Peter Stormare, Red Wanting Blue, Rogue Wave, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Joshua James, Among The Oak & Ash, Luke Brindley, Tina Dico, The Spares and so much more! There’s even an extensive selection of free music in it for you!

Secondhand Neon
Chronicles and confessions of life on the fringe.


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