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May 1, 2011 (S21) – Blue Sky Blackout

BFN Networks presents
The Sound Of You & Me – Twin Cities Edition!
Season 21
May 1, 2011
Blue Sky Blackout

“I’m always Anthony Michael Hall!”

Justin Velander Holt (f/k/a Bob Dubilina)

Special Guest:
Blue Sky Blackout

BFN convinces Blue Sky Blackout to do a full rock set-up and then sit down for a delirious conversation where we talk about their recent homage to John Hughes, how truly amazing it is to access the entire history of rock ‘n’ roll with the click of a mouse and laying the groundwork to extend their legacy to future generations.

Studio Engineer: Ben Perecman
Recorded live at Green River Recordings, Maple Grove, MN, USA.

Track List:
Blue Sky Blackout / Don’t It Drag You Down (BFN Live)
Blue Sky Blackout / Figurehead (BFN Live)
Blue Sky Blackout / Somebody Said That You Love Me (BFN Live)
Blue Sky Blackout / Heartbreaker (BFN Live)

Interview Time: 44 min:11 sec

Important Web Links:
Blue Sky Blackout Official Sites
Susstone Records

To purchase a copy of the John Hughes EP (Release Date: 2011/02/22), go HERE!

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