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Spring 2010 (S21) – Postcards From Central America (Part 1)

BFN Networks presents
Noble Efforts
Season 21
Spring 2010
Postcards From Central America
(Part 1)

“This guy’s not an archaeologist!”

Justin Velander Holt (f/k/a Bob Dubilina)

Special Guests:
Maya Kuper (f/k/a Maya Dynamite!)
Dave Larson (f/k/a Sergeant Stumbles)


  • Icebreaker: Corto de Pelo

Song: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack / Dropping Anchor (TSYM Live)

  • “Mexico Or Bust!” Introductions
  • Frozen Job Market
  • Destination: Central America!
    The Road to Tlaxcala, Pt. 1:
  • The Barber of Atotonilco
  • Scrap Truck!
  • Insomniac’s Driver’s Ed
  • That Infinite Stretch of Texas
  • Braking Bad (aka Coasting to the Border)
  • Dreaming & Driving on Highway 281
  • Rolling into Mexico

Song: Fleetwood MacSecondhand News

    The Road to Tlaxcala, Pt. 2:
  • Road Rules: Mexico Edition!
  • Two Dudes at a No-Tell Motel
  • Conspiracy Theories at El Tajín
    Sweet Home Atotonilco:
  • High School Habits Revisited
  • The Shitty Wingman
  • Competitive Sport Fucking 101 (aka Dumptrucks & Slumpbusters)
  • Two Big Lies About Foreign Sex
  • Menudo Chow Down
  • The Running of from the Bulls

Song: Valley LodgeWhen The Rain Comes

  • Future Horizontal Vacations
    Viva las Veracruz y Villahermosa:
  • Reunion con Ana Mora (aka Payback’s a Bitch)
  • Auto Impound Scavenger Hunt
  • “Soy Independente.”
  • Las Mascotas de Villahermosa!
  • “Te Gusta Salir Conmigo?”
    Borderline Heartbreak:
  • Declining a Romantic Adventure
  • “You Abandoned Me.”
  • A Better Job Awaits! (aka Girls Bitch, Guys Fix)
  • Depth in Misery
  • Leave the Job at Work
  • “Let Me Be a Fixer!”

Song: Mike Doughty / Lorna Zauberberg

  • The ONLY Directive (aka “Don’t Lose Your Small Friend”)
  • The Plan (& The Back-Up Plan) (aka GTA Belize City!)
  • Tropical Chinatown
  • Five Days with a Wide-Eyed Tourist
  • The Polish Archaeologist (aka A Mayan Primer)
  • The Road to Flores
    Digging in Uaxactun:
  • It Takes an Airstrip to Raise a Village
  • Cuidado: Alambre de Púas
  • Blue Collar Doctorate
  • Lost & Wandering
    Yaxhá Death March:
  • The Downside of Solo Adventures
  • The Freelance Archaeologist Hitches a Ride
  • My Own Private Ruins, Pt. 1: Nakun
  • Hot, Sweaty, Covered in Ants
  • Tempting Fate with Every Step
  • Salvation by Way of Car Trouble
  • The Impossible 2km

Song: The Dead Weather / So Far From Your Weapon

    Yaxhá Death March (cont.):
  • 60 Liters & A Bag of Chips
  • The Deadliest Campground
  • My Own Private Ruins, Pt. 2: Yaxhá
  • Death March Redux
  • Damaged Feet on the Road to Ruins
  • Forced R&R

Song: Evermore / Hey Boys & Girls (Truth of the World, Pt. 2)

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