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July 1, 2009 (S19) – Swede|Scot|Rock!

BFN Networks presents
Noble Efforts
Season 19
July 1, 2009
“I should’ve fucked for her honor!”

Bob Dubilina
Kyle Ramos

Special Guest:
Maya Dynamite!


  • Special BFN (Sound Check) Opener: Bic That Shit!

Song: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack / Dropping Anchor

  • Worldly Introductions
  • Dubilina’s Swede|Scot Invasion (aka Berserker Blitzkrieg?)
  • Sweden as a College Dorm
  • Foreign Candies
  • Cultural Mythbusting (aka Fat Germans & Australian Trolls)
  • A Taste of Djungelvral!
  • Scandanavian Blowjob Fetish: A Theory (aka The Official Swedish Greeting!)

Song: Jenny Owen Youngs / Led To The Sea

  • Driving to Europe (aka Pro-Pangea)
  • Breaking News: Kyle to Swim the Atlantic!
  • Atlantic Vice! (Directed by Michael Mann)
  • Top 3 “Kyle vs. Wild” Scenarios (aka Breaking the Species Barrier)
    The Air India Incident:
  • Delayed Flight Limbo
  • (Purposely) Stranded in Newark
  • No Guarantees for the Next Flight
  • United (Finally!) Steps Up
  • Last Lufthansa of the Evening
  • The Scariest Wake-Up Call
  • Scrambling for a Confirmation
  • FUCK Air India! Let the Boycott Begin!

Song: Rick Springfield / Time Stand Still

  • Back to Prom! (aka 18 Again . . . and Again)
  • The Primary Directive of Threesomes & Foursomes (aka NO ONE GETS LEFT OUT!)
    Frankfurt: Mea Culpa
  • Desperately Seeking Nadja
  • Boring City, Beautiful Girl
  • Her Self-Loathing vs. His High Hopes
  • Unwavering Self-Restraint as the Height of Stupidity
  • Friend or Fuck Buddy – Choose Wisely!
  • “No One to Blame But Myself! (Damnit!)”

Song: Against Me! / Thrash Unreal

    Sweden: Rainy Day Riots
  • Niki & Fernanda – Ground Zero for Good Times!
  • Trafficking Your Girl Friends (aka Appraising Lisa & Maya)
  • Courting the Swedes
  • Kyle’s Pride Parade Proposition (aka Spitroasting Ramos)
  • Spontaneous, Drunken Party Purchases
  • Seducing the Back-Up Host at the Birthday Bash
  • The Perfect Black-Out
  • Slim Pickings at Rockkaraoke
  • It’s True! Sweden Is a Dorm!
  • Creepy Guys Have the Best Stories
  • “It’s in the Name!”

Song: Porcupine Tree / Halo

    Scotland: Daniel and the Damaged Goods
  • Long-Awaited Reunion with the HSB!
  • Debz’ Riotous Dinner Party
  • Cockblocked by Scottish Hairy Manback
  • Just Say NO to Chicago Nerd School Parties!
  • “Seriously, You Could Do Better.”
  • Different Country, Same Ol’ Bullshit
  • No Clue How to Seize the Moment (aka NOW OR NEVER! GET IT?!)
  • Thankful for Good Hosts & Fellow Surfers

Song: Biffy Clyro / Who’s Got A Match?

    The Air India Incident, Pt. II:
  • Longer Delays with New Passenger Check-In Program
  • White Trash Mother & Her Screaming Infant
  • Worst. Customer Service. Ever.
  • One Incredible “Welcome Back!” (aka Bob’s First Foursome!) (aka “Take That, Whitman!”)
  • Sign-Off: Take the Goddamn Boat, It’s BFN Networks

Song: The Gaslight Anthem / Meet Me By The River’s Edge

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Noble Efforts
The utter moral and emotional downward spiral of Justin Velander Holt.

The Sound Of You & Me
Off-the-cuff band interviews featuring exclusive live performances!
Recently featured: William Topley, Red Wanting Blue, Rogue Wave, People In Planes, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Joshua James, Among The Oak & Ash, Luke Brindley, Tina Dico, The Spares and so much more! There’s even an extensive selection of free music in it for you!

Secondhand Neon
Chronicles and confessions of life on the fringe.


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