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SUPER </3, Part 16: Dummy.

BFN Networks presents
SUPER </3: A Year of Noble Efforts
Part 16:
“What have you learned?”

Justin Velander Holt

Special Guests:
Matt Thorsen
Ben Perecman


  • The Final Stretch
  • Birthday Wish Comes True
  • “Just Relax.”
  • The “Make It Fair” Conflict

Song: Red Wanting Blue / Probably Nothing

  • No Plan, No Reason, No Excuse
  • The Better Option
  • Down for the Count
  • “Wisen Up, Dummy!”

Song: The Gaslight Anthem / Bring It On

  • Hot & Fast with Gillian

Song: Collective Soul / Adored

  • Finishing the Novel
  • 2nd Annual Chicago CouchCrash
  • Unexpected Cameo
  • “Leave It the Fuck Alone”
  • Conflict of (Cinematic) Interest
  • Just Rewards Tour 2011
  • The Final Hideous Clue
  • Alone on Christmas

Song: Bobby Bare Jr. / One Of Us Has Got To Go

  • The New Fuck You
  • Tease/Push/Evade: A Correspondence
  • An Apology that Will Never Come
  • Bully & Sucker
  • For Want of a Referee
  • The Right to Be Angry
  • “What Would You Say to Her?”

Song: Genesis / More Fool Me

  • Basic Standards for Any Relationship
  • Compounded Heartbreak
  • Anger Management
  • Overcoming Expected Behavior
  • Jaded Epiphanies
  • Unforgivable
  • The Permanent Ache
  • “What Have I Learned from This?”

Song: Brandon Flowers / Hard Enough

SUPER </3 falls under Season 21 of the Noble Efforts podcast.
Episode originally recorded March 24, 2012 at Green River Recordings, Maple Grove, MN, USA.

To purchase The Last Temptation of Clarence Odbody by John Pierson, go HERE.

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