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March 15, 2009 (S19) – The Big Come Down

BFN Networks presents
Noble Efforts
Season 19
March 15, 2009
The Big Come Down

“Remember when we talked about taking it easy?!”

Bob Dubilina
Kyle Ramos


  • Special BFN Opener: The Misery-Go-Round

Song: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack / Dropping Anchor

  • Great Career Expectations Introductions
  • Triple Love High (aka Penny, Kit & Tilda)
  • Life on a Sinusoid
  • Reservoir Dog Love Life
  • Penny (aka The Guarded Heart)
  • Tilda (aka Dark Horse Dirty Dancer)
  • The Magic of the Mystery
  • Mutual Dating Philosophy (aka Unrealistic Expectations & ________________)
  • Perpetual Misery as Lady Magnet

Song: Shock Stars / I Got A Feeling

  • A True Disciple of the Gut Feeling
  • The Right Time to Say “I Love You” (aka Keep ‘Em Desperate)
  • Bob’s Sterility as the Ultimate Favor (Seriously!)
  • Feigned Intelligence
  • Kiss on the First Date
  • Surprise Sterility
  • Subversive Honesty
  • Kit (aka The Long-Distance Love Interest)
  • More Women, More Problems
  • LADD – Lady Attention Deficit Disorder

Song: Eagles Of Death Metal / Heart On

  • Lovers, Warts & All
  • The Importance of the First Fight
  • Self-Indulgent Declarations of Withdrawal (aka “CometoTERMSwithyourEMOTIONS!”)
  • Two Brains In Sync (aka Mundane Distractions)
  • Awkward Finish to an Intimate Threesome (aka Jealous & Exhausted)
  • “What Do You Want in a Relationship?” (aka Frankengirlfriend)
  • 1000 Miles of Longing
  • Pursuing Tilda

Song: Gingersol / You Fall Off

  • “Can I Ever Play It Cool?!”
  • How to Contact Kyle in a Crisis
  • It’s Not True Love Until Sunrise!
  • Unforeseen Rejection
  • The Side Effects of Sudden Heartwreck
  • Kit Finally Comes Clean (aka The Unnecessary Sacrifice)
  • The Importance of Being Honest
  • A Desperate Need for Trust (aka The Next Step in the Healing Process)
  • Proof vs. Belief (aka The Alchemist)
  • Leading By Example
  • An Insane Proposition

Song: Red Wanting Blue / Probably Nothing

  • Unexpected Residual Baggage
  • A Sincere Appeal
  • Uncle Dale Offers a Few Pearls of Wisdom (aka Familiar Crazy)
  • Persistence Is Key
  • A Complete Retraction of Friendship (aka Emotional Purging via IM)
  • One More Fucking Faux Pas
  • For The Record . . . (aka Casual & Rational)

Song: The Ike Reilly Assassination / The Mixture

  • Readjusting for Reality
  • Final Assessment (aka “What Is In My Control?”)
  • The Best Assurance
  • A Few Last Words
  • Sign-Off: Might As Well Face It, I’m Addicted to Love, It’s BFN Networks!

Song: Powderfinger / Waiting For The Sun

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Noble Efforts
The utter moral and emotional downward spiral of Justin Velander Holt.

The Sound Of You & Me
Off-the-cuff band interviews featuring exclusive live performances!
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Secondhand Neon
Chronicles and confessions of life on the fringe.


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