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November 30, 2008 (S18) – The Wrecking Ball

BFN Networks presents
Noble Efforts
Season 18
November 30, 2008
The Wrecking Ball

See this puppy? It’s for fucking you!

Bob Dubilina
Kyle Ramos

Special Guest:
Maya Dynamite!


  • Special BFN Opener: Giving Thanks ’08

Song: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack / Dropping Anchor

  • The Soundtrack of Our Lives (aka David Lee Nostradamus)
  • Neo-Pop-Punk Introductions

Song: The Blessing / Sixteen

  • No Multitasking for Richard Marx!
    Anna Malakov:
  • Dynamite! Dating Services (aka A New Source of Social Poaching)
  • Jiminy Cricket & Justin Timberlake
  • Banned from Facebook (& Other Social Sites!)
  • Possible Roommate Railroading
  • Master Berkley’s Master Plan (aka The Girl to End All Friendships)
  • In Defense of Guns N’ Roses

Song: Buckcherry / Tired Of You

  • Why Bob Doesn’t Drink (aka Better Ways to Get Wasted)
  • The Cute Girl with Big Eyes
  • Bob Dubilina, Traveling Man
  • A Place to Keep ‘Em Entertained
  • Bob’s First East Coast JAP! (aka Mico the Cocktail Vampiress)
  • Green with Game
  • The Wrecking Ball (aka Sim City Rampage!)
  • All-Female Demolition Crew
  • Dubilina’s Ideal Dating Scenario (aka Going for the “M”)

Song: Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse / Connecticut’s For Fucking

  • The Greatness of the Letter M
    “The Date of Your Conception” Icebreaker:
  • Mantrap!: A Stepmother’s Version of Events
  • Kyle’s Preconception
  • Darwinian Dynamite!
  • The DP Twin Theory (aka Why There Are No Mexican Twins)
  • Speedy & Efficient Farmhand Production (aka The Third Dynamite)

Song: Millencolin / Route One

  • The V-Day Babies (aka Milestone Dates of Conception)
  • Kyle Throws Out His Back (aka The Pill-Poppin’ Party Animal)
  • An Addiction Challenged (aka “I Can Quit Anytime!”)

Song: Kings Of Leon / Notion

  • Date-Dodging to Keep the Mystery Alive (aka Avoiding Anna)
  • The Pick-Up Puppy (aka Sluts for Pups)
  • Bob Dubilina’s Bold & Blunt Flirting Technique: A Reenactment
  • Kyle Forgoes Condoms
  • The Ultimate Puppy Pick-Up Line
  • Going for Girls with Big Dogs
  • The Dictator Fetish
  • Addressing the Moustache
  • Kyle Works a Mean Game – LITERALLY!
  • Beware the Walking Question Marks

Song: The Insecurities / Bite My Tongue

  • One Plate for Thanksgiving
  • Obnoxious Wine Purchases for Natalie (aka Italian for Assholes)
  • A Lack of Imagination in the Bedroom
  • The Goodie Goodie Dating Method
  • Bypassing a Difficult Situation
  • Why Bob First Rejected Maya
  • Kyle’s Fear of Intimacy
  • The Recent Facebook Attack
  • The Fine Line Between Accountability & Paranoia
  • Big Heart, No Feelings
  • Roundabout Apologies (In Lieu of Arson)
  • Sign-Off: Oh Look, Here’s A Kitten . . . It’s BFN Networks!

Song: Catfish Haven / You Can Have Me

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The utter moral and emotional downward spiral of Justin Velander Holt.

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Secondhand Neon
Chronicles and confessions of life on the fringe.


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