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October 21, 2008 (S18) – Lust Without Borders

BFN Networks presents
Noble Efforts
Season 18
October 21, 2008
Lust Without Borders
“Who’s driving the getaway car?!”

Bob Dubilina
Kyle Ramos


  • Special BFN Opener: Impromptu Electronica

Song: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack / Dropping Anchor (TSYM Live)

  • Incredibly Hectic Introductions (aka Hip-Deep in Couchsurfers and the CIFF)
  • Self-Made Man via One Night Stands (aka Throwing Down with Fatty Pneumonia)
  • Bringing On the Bad Stuff (aka The Method Terrorist)
  • The Morally Sound Slut
  • A Better Solution Abroad

Song: Lucky Boys Confusion / When Bad News Gets Worse

    Destination: Montreal
  • Chasing After Lou (aka “Happy Birthday, MEWN!”)
  • The Wolf (& Other Nicknames)
  • Geographic Guesswork: North America Version
  • Canada: A Whole ‘Nother Country
  • The International Carpool (“Objection! . . . Or Something.”)
  • The Long-Awaited Heartfelt Discussion (Complete with Unintentional Foreign Audience!)

Song: Biffy Clyro / Mountains

  • A Taste of Maple Liqueur (aka Waffle Mouth)
  • A Million Little Setbacks (aka Border Guards and Bad Directions)
  • Winded Greetings
  • Sleeping Bobby (aka “Wake Me Up for Cokes!”)

Song: Porcupine Tree / Halo

  • Bottoms Up #2! (aka “This Needs More Syrup”)
  • The Representation of Change (aka One Tough Dollar)
  • A Goldmine of Gorgeous Women (aka Crushing the Eurodouche)
  • How Chicago Corrupted Our Standards
  • Sucker: A Definition
  • The Feral Wolf (aka The Craziest Chick Bob Could Ever Hope For)
  • Roped, Gagged, Delivered
  • Aggressively Submissive

Song: People In Planes / Flesh & Blood

  • Bottoms Up #3 (aka “Lou Will Fucking Cut You!”)
    With A Friend Like Melissa:
  • Immediately Suspicious of the New Guy
  • “You Are Not a Threat to Me!” (aka Assured of Your Rightful Place)
  • The Power Play (aka Pure Left, Corrupt Right)
  • Giving the Girls Alone Time
  • Enticing Tara-Lee
  • Divvying Up Lou(?)
  • Back to Bob Bashing
  • The Wolves Send ‘Em on Their Way!
  • A Different Approach to Self-Repair
  • The Heavier the Heart, The Longer the Distance

Song: Conor Oberst / Moab

  • The Hannah Ultimatum (aka Northern Dubilina, Southern Ramos)
  • Keep ‘Em Separated (or Prepare for the Worst!)
    Destination: Costa Rica
  • The Adventurous Pen Pal
  • “Living Well is the Best Revenge!”
  • Top Secret Great Escape
  • One Small Snag with Keeping Quiet (aka “I’m Feeling Pretty Spontaneous . . .“)

Song: Cordero / Abre La Ventana

  • Bottoms Up #4 (aka The Legend of Leshik)
  • Natalie’s Checklist (& A Few Special Surprises)
  • In the Shadow of Her Escapades
  • Our Own Private Paradise
  • Five Days of Strange Chemistry
  • R&R Buzzkill
  • Back in the Game!

Song: William Topley / Wide Sargasso Sea

  • The War on Sleep
  • Big Thanks to the International Mistresses
  • Sign-Off: BFN Networks – Get Over It!

Song: Red Wanting Blue / Where You Wanna Go

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The utter moral and emotional downward spiral of Justin Velander Holt.

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Secondhand Neon
Chronicles and confessions of life on the fringe.


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