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August 28, 2008 (S17) – The Big Snip (Part 2)

BFN Networks presents
Noble Efforts
Season 17
August 28, 2008
The Big Snip (Part 2)

“Chad will NEVER be the father of my child!”

Justin Velander Holt (a/k/a Bob Dubilina)
Kyle Ramos

Special Guest:
Maya Dynamite!


  • Special BFN Opener: The Vasectomy Inspectors

Song: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack / Dropping Anchor

  • Rejected & Exiled Introductions
  • Rogue Vasectomizer (aka “Deal, Mate!”)
  • “My Mom Got A Vasectomy”

Song: Kings Of Leon / Sex On Fire

  • Yes, Maya, We Know You Lost Your Virginity to Tyler Durden
    The Consultation:
  • A Brief Rundown on Dr. Mostowfi & His Technique (aka VasectomyChicago.com)
  • Grilling the Patient (aka Jack Bauer, M.D.)
  • Dreading the Orgasm
  • VCFs for Everyone! (aka Two-Hour Window, Four-Hour Lasagna)
  • The Average Patient
  • Greenlight for Vasectomy!

Song: Meiko / Boys With Girlfriends

  • Disgusted with Kyle’s Dating Streak
    Vasectomy Myths & Facts:
  • What Is A Vasectomy? (aka Detroit Goes On Strike)
  • A Lighter Load?
  • The Cruelest Assumptions from Your Closest Friends (aka The Eunuch Who Hated Children and Condoms)
  • “You Can Always Get It Reversed” (aka Bob Is Legend/Cosmetic Surgery Timebomb)
  • Anti-Sperm Antibodies
  • Kyle Ramos’ Special Donations (aka Fallback Fathers)
  • Another Special BFN Reunion . . . Without Bob

Song: Red Wanting Blue / Red Ryder

  • Special Thanks in the Liner Notes
    The Procedure:
  • Going Completely Smooth (aka Bic That Shit!)
  • Follow the Instructions! (You Can Do It!)
  • No Reason to Be Nervous (aka The Best Testimonial You Could Ever Hope For)
  • Getting in the Mood (aka “Where’s My Vasectomy Mix CD?”)
  • Just a Little Bit of Pressure
  • Working Magic Through a Small Hole (aka SCRELL-O)
  • The Even Number Child Theory
  • Remembering Joel’s Advice (aka The Makings of a Responsible Man)
  • Final Words of Support

Song: Valley Lodge / My Baby (Mix 2 No Outro)

    The Recovery:
  • No Restrictions?!
  • The Sinister Chauffeur (aka Stand & Deliver 2: Year of the Ramos)
  • Poor Choice for a Home-Cooked Meal (aka A Couch in the Kitchen)
  • The Unforeseen Perils of Mexican Food
  • Testing the Equipment (aka A Vigorous Bout of Masturbation)

Song: Local H / November: Blur

    The Recovery (cont.):
  • Gently Seducing the Wounded (aka Beware the Monster Bruising)
  • The Thrill of a Smooth Crotch (or the ’70s Singer-Songwriter Look)
  • A Sweeter Spoonful
  • Another Alternative to Vasectomy
  • Quoted in the RedEye
  • A Sense of Finality (aka Choose Your Own Extinction)
  • Fair Warning on the First Date
  • ‘Cause Parenthood Shifts Priorities
  • Informing the Masses
  • A Whole New Ballgame
  • The Accidental Vasectomy

Song: Cordero / Ruleta Rusa

  • Season 17: The Best Batch of Interviews We’ve Done to Date
  • A Great Investment for the Future (aka “More Money = More Better!”)
  • The One Guideline You Must Follow
  • Dead at 28! (aka The Power of the Deadline)
  • A Clean Bill of Sterility
  • And the Honor Goes to . . . Maya!
  • Sign-Off: BFN Networks – Annnd Snip!

Song: Big Blue Ball (aka Peter Gabriel & Friends) / Exit Through You

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Noble Efforts
The utter moral and emotional downward spiral of Justin Velander Holt.

The Sound Of You & Me
Off-the-cuff band interviews featuring exclusive live performances!
Recently featured: William Topley, Red Wanting Blue, Rogue Wave, People In Planes, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Joshua James, Among The Oak & Ash, Luke Brindley, Tina Dico, The Spares and so much more! There’s even an extensive selection of free music in it for you!

Secondhand Neon
Chronicles and confessions of life on the fringe.


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