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Welcome to BFN Networks!

Established in 1994 and formatted for radio in 2000, BFN Networks has steadily evolved from a satiric college radio show to a full-fledged, professional independent podcast station.  After a decade’s worth of daily struggles, happy accidents and growing pains, we have continually discovered that truth is more fascinating than fiction.  This simple yet profound epiphany has become the backbone of our programming.  Our groundbreaking podcasts – Noble Efforts, The Sound Of You & Me, Secondhand Neon and Bring Back The DJ – showcase intimate chronicles, insightful interviews, strange tales and eclectic mix tapes that attempt to define and deconstruct our personal thoughts and experiences.  Ultimately, our goal is to entertain, inform and (possibly) inspire others by way of living our own lives to the fullest, and we welcome you to relish in our trials and errors, joys and sorrows and – last but certainly not least – victories and defeats.

“Storyteller, Commentator, Quip!” -jvh

Justin Velander Holt (f/k/a Bob Dubilina)
Storyteller / Producer / Founder, BFN Networks

In an effort to fully document a lifetime of chaos, immorality and desire, Justin Velander Holt founded the BFN Networks newswire in 1994. After abusing the printed word to its fullest extent, he decided to take things to the next level by reformatting BFN as a satiric college radio show in 2000. Thanks to his passion for music and complete willingness to discuss his grossly perverse thoughts on life, love and the desperate pursuit of happiness, he has carved quite a unique (and potentially self-destructive) niche for himself on the air.

Justin Holt originally hails from northern Nevada and has no hopes of ever calling Chicago home. He is generally considered to be stubborn, willful, angry, overeager, passionate, perverse and independent. He is also obsessed with sex, music, exploring the world and telling good stories that may one day become tall tales.

Justin Holt strives to be a legendary storyteller, published memoirist and independent promoter. If that doesn’t happen, he’s willing to settle for a life of long road trips and sordid love affairs with any number of gorgeous women.

To learn more about Justin Velander Holt, check out World Of Velander.

Kyle Ramos
The Mad Playwright

A damned soul with a perpetually broken heart made worse by a love for chaos, Kyle Ramos signed up for BFN solely for the opportunity to play devil’s advocate to the already morally-challenged Justin Velander Holt. Whether chiding Justin for his bizarre neuroses or regaling the listeners with fire-and-brimstone rants worthy of a big city soapbox preacher, Kyle is without a doubt a comedic genius and, if his stories prove true (and we pray some don’t!), one of the most dangerous men in America.

To learn more about Kyle Ramos, check out his Tumblr page.


Special Guests:

Maya Kuper (f/k/a Maya Dynamite!)
Audio Broad
Madison Rosbar
Leper Messiah