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Army Of Lovers

“Fight the good fight. Soldier on.” -JVH

Artwork provided by BFN resident artist Jennifer Coughran.
Click on the picture to download the compilation!

Army Of Lovers: The Best Songs of 2009 is available to the public! Check out Justin’s latest (belated) annual compilation of the best songs you likely missed the first time around! Click on the pic!

We are So. Damn. Close! to getting the new site up and running. Meantime, new episodes and interviews are coming down the pike.

Don’t give up on us yet, kids. We’re coming back with a fury. Soon!

Important Message From BFN Networks!



We usher in a new decade of BFN Networks with a massive rebranding campaign. Tune in here for new episodes, stories, artwork and web site! Time to take this to the next level!


The Next Big Step


It’s about damn time. Seriously.

A Season of Noble Efforts

“No one loves you.” – ill-timed text sent to bob

Season 19 was a heartbreaker through and through. It was also our finest one to date. And just like with every season, we’re on a learning curve. We’ve always known how to learn from our mistakes, wrestle our demons and live with the consequences.

Now it’s time to grow a little more.

New season coming Fall 2009. Big changes coming along with it. New challenges, further madness, more lessons to learn. For now, though, it’s one day at a time.

It’s always one goddamn day at a time.